The many URI schemas used by the browsers’ “Reader Views”

Safari was the first mainstream browser to include a built‐in reader view five years ago. Over the last two months both Firefox and Edge have released their own reading view experiences, and Chrome is experimenting with their own version.

Here is a quick overview over the the URI schemas used to render pages in reading view from the big browser vendors:

A date format for the Web

Date formats and time zones don’t get enough press these days, do they? I’m here to change that and hopefully make your website more accessible to an international audience at the same time.

Syncing your iTunes Library with Groove Music+OneDrive

You could be copying and pasting your iTunes Music Library folders over into your OneDrive Music folder manually and have them show up in Groove Music apps and on the Xbox. This would require you to merge and handle conflicts manually as you buy new songs on iTunes and want to keep your Groove catalog in sync. Instead we're going to utilize the magic of NTFS Directory Junctions in Windows 10 to have OneDrive and iTunes share folders and stay in sync without duplicating files.

List of special-purpose folders in OneDrive and how to recreate them

Like your user home folder in Windows, Microsoft populates your OneDrive online file‐hosting folder with some default special‐purpose folders. You may not have all of them without using special apps first and they can be tricky to recreate if they get lost. Here is a list of all the special folders and links for recreating them.

A quick look at IMAP capabilities in Mail for Windows 10

The IMAP standard defined TLS support all the way back in 1999. Yet, when Mail for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 were released back in 2012, only the now deprecated SSL method were available for encrypted communications with IMAP servers. Three years later with the release of Mail for Windows 10 and Outlook Mail for Windows 10 Mobile, the built‐in email client in Windows finally understands the STARTTLS command and starts using modern protocol encryption standards.

Redownload all iTunes purchases in one go

You can find a list of all your previous purchases from iTunes by going to iTunes Store: Music: Purchased. There is unfortunately no way there to actually download all of your purchases in one go.