Lenovo OneKey Optimizer review

Many recent laptop models from Lenovo ship with a software called OneKey Optimizer (OKO) pre‐installed that offers system maintenance, settings optimizations, and battery management. But does it give good advice?

Web Development

Setting a counter offset on <ol>

I’ve noticed the most common ways of re‐numbering ordered lists is either by embedding a paragraph inside a regular list item, or by manually numbering and breaking up list items inside paragraphs. More creative writers set list-type: none; in CSS and number their lists manually.


Xbox One won’t tell you when new game episodes are released

After purchasing a Season Pass for an episodic game like Life is Strange and Tales from the Borderlands on Xbox One, you might have expected to actually get new episodes delivered onto your console as they’re released. However, the Xbox is keeping very quiet about new episodes and don’t show any initiative to download nor put them in front of players.

Web Development

Handling relative URLs and multiple forward slashes

Apache, Nginx and Microsoft IIS web servers will transparently combine multiple forward slashes into a single forward slash when matching URLs to [file] locations. The advantage being that if a user requests “/docs///page.html” the server can match that to and send back “/docs/page.html” without extra configuration. Unfortunately, today’s web browsers don’t perform the same feat of magic in the same circumstances which creates some bad problems for anyone using relative URLs.

Web Development

The many URI schemas used by the browsers’ “Reader Views”

Safari was the first mainstream browser to include a built‐in reader view five years ago. Over the last two months both Firefox and Edge have released their own reading view experiences, and Chrome is experimenting with their own version.

Here is a quick overview over the the URI schemas used to render pages in reading view from the big browser vendors: