About Daniel Aleksandersen

Welcome to my corner of the web.

I am the individual behind this blog and the name “Aeyoun.” I am a specialist in obscure details. Which is just a nicer way of saying “obsessive perfectionist, and an observer of and enthusiast for obscure subjects”.

Advocates for online security and privacy, and open‐standards in computing. I believe it is important that the computerized platforms of the future keep their openness and will continue to allow anyone to express themselves in whatever way they want. Neither businesses nor governments have shown themselves capable of governing the Internet without also destroying it in the process. I strongly dislike the concept of locking users into “ecosystem” delivered by any one company.

I use all the leading operating systems and platforms on a daily basis. Why? Because they are all so fascinating in their own way. I spend far more money than I do time on gaming. My game systems are not collecting dust, but they would have appreciated some more love. Thought I try to keep up on the biggest titles for each platform.

I have worked at Opera Software ASA — the honorable browser vendor based out of Norway — since 2008 to the present day. My job titles have been as varied as Designer, QA Lead, Product Tester, (null), and Technical Service Consultant.

I write on a variety of topics here on this blog. Check out the projects page for some of the things I have been up to lately.


Emails and other communications can be signed and encrypted using my public key. (Key ID 9CE1479.) The Free Software Foundation have published an introductory guide on how to use GnuPG to encrypt emails. (My email server apply greylisting so delivery will not be instantaneous.)


These are just pointers to my hidie holes around the web to facilitate online stalking.